How to update a Free Divi Layout

When should I update a free page layout?
  • The Divi Theme gets regular updates. Sometimes this affects CSS and how free Divi layouts are displayed. If you run a Divi Theme update and you notice that a free Divi layout does not display correctly then you should check for updates. 
  • Look at the change logs first to see if your layout was updated or not.  
  • If it was updated keep reading for the update procedure

Where do I get the updated layout?

Go to page where you previously downloaded the layout and download again to make sure you have the latest files. That's it!  Free Divi Layouts

How to update the layout

The process is similar to a normal installation. However, this time you probably made certain changes you want to keep. 

Step 1

First change the CSS only and test. Often this is all you need to do. 

  • You should create a backup of all CSS changes you made so far. Any line that you changed or added, please copy/paste it to a text editor for later use. 
  • When you extract the zip file with the updated layout, you will find the new CSS file. You will copy/paste the CSS into the custom CSS box. But first remove all previous CSS that's there and just paste the new CSS and custom CSS changes that you previously saved.
  • Save and update the page. You MUST clear 6 kinds of caches. Then re-load the page to test.
  • If everything looks good. Then you are done. If you have further layout issues, keep reading. 

Step 2 

Only take this step if the CSS updates were not successful. 

IMPORTANT: If you decide to import the new .json file, it will contain new content. Do not overwrite your existing content.

  • Please, make a backup of your content. You could save the page into the divi library for example. 
  • Then, import the new json and load it on your page. You could now have a test page created where you want to load your old page from the library. Use the test page to copy the content and paste into the new layout page. Do same with the settings and all changes that you may made.

You will now have the updated layout.

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