How to integrate the Mermaid bundle into a Divi child theme (for experienced users only)

Who is this article for

- Anyone who owns the Mermaid Bundle and wants to integrate it into a Divi child theme

Skill level

- Easy

Time to complete

- 10 minutes

How to add the Mermaid bundle CSS and functions to your own Divi Child theme:

  1. Download the Mermaid bundle "source files" from /my-account/. Unzip it to your local machine. Import master .json file or separate modules .json files into the Divi Library.
  2. Add the Mermaid CSS to your site - you can add it to your child theme CSS files (recommended) or to divi custom CSS in theme options (might be difficult to edit and update if you add a lot of code).
  3. Add Mermaid bundle javascripts - you can add it to your functions.php file (use code-for functions-php...txt file) or you can add pure javascript code - into the footer.php or in any place you would usually add it.
  4. Clear Divi builder cache in Divi theme settings and any caches you are using on your site.
  5. Go nuts!

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