How to set up the Pixie Assistant Plugin for Multisite use

Who is this article for

- Anyone who owns the Pixie Bundle and wants to set it up for Multisite use

Skill level: Easy
Time to complete: 2 minutes

Before you start

- Make sure to have the latest Pixie version installed and WordPress and Divi theme up to date.

How it's done

Getting Pixie Assistant Plugin to work on a multisite is possible, please see the installation steps below:

  1. Do not network activate the plugin.
  2. Go to your Network Admin - Dashboard - Settings - Network Settings - at the bottom of the page please check 'Enable administration menus - Plugins':

    Save the changes.

  3. Login to any of your subsites, go to plugins menu and activate the Pixie Assistant. Add the license key.
  4. Do #3 for all your sub-sites.
  5. Please note that if you plan to migrate sites OR if you are switching from sub-folders to sub-domains at any point, you will need to re-enter the license keys.

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