How to Activate Blog Single, Archive, 404 Layouts

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Who is this article for

- Anyone who owns the Mozart Pack and wants to enable special features

Skill level

- Easy

Time to complete

- 5 minutes

Video Tutorial

Before you start

- Make sure to have the latest Divi and Mozart versions installed

Enable features

The Mozart Pack comes with new features that you can activate on your site. This includes special layouts for these pages: single blog post, category, author, tags, search results and 404.

To find these options, go to Dashboard Menu->Settings->Mozart Assistant:

Mozart 404 page layout

Enabling this option will activate a special layout for your 404 pages. If you are not sure what 404 pages are, that is what visitors see when they visit non existing page on your site (for example, pages that don't exist anymore, or if they make a typo in URL address bar, etc).

You can see the demo here:

Mozart category page layout

This is a template for a blog posts category page.Enabling this option it will add a nice looking header with category name on it, and improve the overall look of the posts.

You can see the demo here: 

Mozart author page layout

When someone clicks the author name he can see more information about that author. Enabling this option will greatly improve the look of that page.

You can see the demo here: 

Mozart tag page layout

If you are assigning tags to your posts and you let your users filter posts by clicking a tag, then definitely make sure to enable this and give your visitors better feel of that page.

You can see the demo here: 

Mozart search results page layout

Having this option enabled, you will have improved design of search results page

You can see the demo here:

Mozart single blog post layouts

Page transitions

These effects will show when someone loads the page.

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