I have the Divi Builder plugin only, can I still use your plugins?

Divi theme vs Divi builder plugin

Our plugins are designed for the Divi theme and we can guarantee they are going to work with it perfectly well. However, what about other ET themes and the Divi Builder plugin?

We do not test our plugins with all other themes and Divi Builder plugin, however, lot of our customers who tried our plugins using Divi Builder plugin only had a good feedback.
Even you don't have the Divi theme, you can still give it a go and try.

While we still recommend installing Divi theme, if you are going to use the page builder plugin instead, only, it's not a deal-breaker.

However, be aware that you will be missing some things:

- Divi theme has a library where you can import all layouts and easily load them on a page when you need it. Using builder plugin, you have to import layout directly to the page and you have to do that each time when you need to load a layout

- Divi theme has other great features and options you can use to build and customise your website

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