How to change Value tabs colour

Who is this article for

- Anyone who owns the Pixie Bundle and wants to change Value tabs module colours

Skill level

- Easy

Time to complete

- 3 minutes

Before you start

- It is important to have Divi theme and Pixie bundle both up to date. 

Changing Value tabs colour

Tabs background colour in this module are set using CSS code. To update the colour, we are going to use CSS again in order to override the default code.

Here is the CSS:

.pixie_tabs .et_pb_tabs .et_pb_tabs_controls li:hover, .pixie_tabs .et_pb_tabs .et_pb_tabs_controls li.et_pb_tab_active {
    background-color: #ff0000 !important;

The text in bold indicates the new colour. In this example, I made it red. Make sure to change this as per your needs.
Once done, copy this block of CSS.

Then, go to the page where you have loaded Value tabs module. While you are on edit page screen, click page settings:

Paste the CSS into Custom CSS box:

Click Save and update the page.

That's all!

In case you can't see anything updated on the page, even you did exactly as advised in this article, please try deactivating your cache: Deactivate caching: why you should never build/develop websites with caching activated

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