How to show default site footer

Who is this article for

- Anyone who owns the Mozart and wants to have the default footer displayed

Skill level

- Easy

Time to complete

- 3 minutes

Before you start

- It is important to have Divi theme and Mozart both up to date

How to do it

When you install Mozart Assistant plugin, it automatically adds the style. Within this style, there's a block of CSS code which hides the default website footer. Idea is that the user uses Mozart footer sections instead.
However, we are aware that someone might still want to use the default footer, and here is how to do it.

To do so, we are going to add the same CSS block that hides the footer initially, but alter the code so it displays the footer back. Here's the code:

body footer#main-footer {
display: block !important;

Simply copy this small portion of CSS, then, go to Divi->Theme Options and scroll down to Custom CSS box.

Paste the CSS here and Save.

That's all!

In case you can't see anything updated on the page, even you did exactly as advised in this article, please try deactivating your cache: Deactivate caching: why you should never build/develop websites with caching activated

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