How To Selectively Load CSS / Scripts

Who is this article for?

Anyone who owns the Venus UI kit and wants to improve website speed.

• Skill level: Easy
• Time to complete: 1 minute

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Before you begin

  1. Please make sure you have the latest Divi Theme and the latest Venus version installed. 

Selectively load CSS and Scripts

Using this feature you can disable Venus modules and reduce unused code. This is a great thing if there are modules you won't be using. When you disable it, website is not going to load the files for this particular module and your site is going to need less time to load.

How to do it

Go to Settings > Venus > Selectively load CSS / Scripts

As shown on the screenshot, there is an option to enable or disable each Venus module. To increase your page speed, make sure to disable modules you don't need and you don't plan to use on your website

Helpful resources

If you would like to know more about page speed optimistion, read this tutorial: Page speed: How to improve your website load speed.

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