Topic FAQ module: How to use

Who is this article for

Anyone who owns Venus UI kit and wants to know how to use Topic FAQ module.

• Skill level: Easy
• Time to complete: 5 minutes

Let's start

When you first load this section on a page, rows will be collapsed. To see the actual modules, you need to expand the rows by clicking this icon:

Screenshot_3.jpgNow you're going to these modules:

On your left, "Choose Topics" module is the one where you can add/remove topics.
All modules on the right are actual Q&A.

Changing topic name
Let's now change a topic name as an example. Click "Choose Topics" settings:
Instead "Account", let's add "Photography": Simply change the text as on the screenshot:

Now you need to tell  which Q&A ones to be shown when Photography topic is clicked. You can do this easily by going to Q&A settings:
Select Advanced tab, and for the class, also type "photography".

Do the same for all Q&A that you want to appear for Photography topic. So, each Q&A with "photography" class, will display when photography topic is clicked.

NOTE: If your topic has more than one word, use underscore. For example, if your topic is: "digital photography", CSS Class for Q&A's should be written as digital_photography

That's all!

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