Making content & style updates

Who is this article for

- Anyone who owns Divi Den Pro and wants to know how to customise layouts and sections. 

Skill level: Easy
Time to complete: 10 minutes

Video tutorial

How to customise layouts & sections

The visual Builder makes the customising super easy! When you go to a page, click the "Enable Visual Builder" button to enable it.

Hover over an element, and you will be immediately given a several options you can choose from, such as to move the module around, clone or delete the module and similar.

This time we are interested the most into customising, and here are a few directing points on how to do that.

Hover over a module and go to settings. At the example shown on the screenshot, I have a text module.

We can see three tabs here: Content, Design and Advanced tab.

To update the content of this module, such as the title or the paragraphs, I can do that from the first tab, the Content.

Design tab is the one we will use the most. Here we can edit the colours, font size, spacing and more.

Inside the Advanced tab, you can assign a unique ID or a class name to this module. Also, you can add your own custom CSS code here.

To see how exactly all this work, watch the video tutorial.

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