Setting up blog layouts & blog modules

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- Anyone who owns Divi Den Pro and needs help setting up a

Skill level: Easy
Time to complete: 5 minutes

Video tutorial

How to set up a blog

Creating posts

First thing you want to make sure is to have at least a few posts created already. If you don't have any posts made yet, go to Posts and click Add New:

Add at least two or three posts, and make sure that each post has a featured image assigned.

Posts categories

It's optional, but also recommended to create categories for your posts.

Blog module settings

Now go to a page and add the blog module you would like to use. 

Go to the blog module settings. Here are the most important options.

Posts number - Make sure that Posts Number is set to a number of the posts you would like displayed. In addition, check the Offset number option. 

Offset is the number of articles that are going to be skipped,

Categories - You can leave all the fields unchecked to display all posts. If you have the posts categorised, make sure to check the categories you want to display.

Don't have any posts yet, but you would still like to test a blog module? Use the import tool:

This is going to import some dummy articles, just so you can have fun with the blog modules and test it.

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