How to trigger a pop-up by adding a CSS class

Who is this article for

Anyone who owns Divi Den Pro and would like to know to use pop-ups with button click event.

• Skill level: Easy
Time to complete: 5 min

Video tutorial

How to do it

To trigger a pop-up for a click-event on any paget, add a specific class in the element settings as follows:

Please note that each premade Divi Den Pro popup will have its own unique class. Make sure to use the matching class or it may not work as expected. 

List of the classes for pop-ups

  1. Kingly Form Pop-Up - Diana - “popup_contact_form_trigger”
  2. Renowned Pricing Pop-Up - Diana - “popup_pricing_trigger”
  3. Great Portfolio Pop-Up - Diana - “popup_portfolio_trigger”
  4. Striking Search Pop-Up - Diana - “popup_striking_search_trigger”

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