How to create a custom Sticky Bar template

Who is this article for?

Anyone who owns Divi Den Pro and wants to know how to create a custom sticky bar template.

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• Skill level: Easy
• Time to complete: 5+ minutes

Video Tutorial

Creating the template

1. Go to Divi > Divi Library and click "Add New":

- Add any Layout name you want.
- For the Layout type choose Section.
- Add the section to these categories: PHP Template and Sticky Bar

If you don't have these categories, create them manually first, or, save a premade item and the categories will be automatically created.

2. Choose any section structure you would like, and add any content that you want to appear in this sticky bar. 

Make sure to stylize this section so that it looks good on all screen devices.

Also, allow your visitors to close the sticky bar by pressing the close button. To do this, add a new Button module. For the button text, you can just write an "X".
Go to Button module Advanced settings and assign a class: close_icon

3. Go to Divi Den Pro > Theme Builder > Plugin Theme Builder > WordPress Customizer.

Toggle Divi Den Pro, then toggle Sticky Bar.

From the drop-down menu, choose the sticky bar template you just created, and click the Publish button.

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