How to use the Global Headings and change H1-H6 style

Who is this article for?

Anyone who owns the Divi Den Pro and wants to know how to use Custom Headings and change H1-H6 style.

• Skill level: Easy
• Time to complete: 5+ minutes

Video Tutorial

How to enable Global Headings

Go to Divi Den Pro dashboard and select the Theme Builder tab. Then select the Plugin Theme Builder tab and launch the customizer:

Toggle Divi Den Pro Global Settings > Global Headings (H1-H6).

You can choose between two options here: To have the same style for all heading tags, or have a separate style for each h tag. If you would ever like to disable this feature, use the "Disabled" option from the dropdown menu.

Customising headings

You can choose the font family, font style, colour, font size, line height and letter spacing for all 6 heading tags.

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