Divi 4.0 Theme Builder: Add a Custom Navigation Menu using a Divi Theme Builder Template by Divi Den Pro

Who is this article for

- Anyone who owns Divi Den Pro and wants to use premade Navigation Menus with the Divi Theme Builder.

Skill level: Easy
Time to complete: 2 minutes

Before you start

1. Make sure that Divi theme and Divi Den Pro are both up to date.

Video Tutorial

How it's done

What we want to do, is to download the navigation menu that we would like to use on the website, and import it to the Divi theme builder.
So, lets first find our menu and download it. Go to Divi > Theme Builder:

Scroll to Divi Den Pro templates by clicking this button:

Hit the Save (Download) for the menu that you like to use on your website. This is going to download the menu's JSON file to your computer.

Let's now go back to the Divi theme builder. Click the button "Back to Divi Theme Builder":

Now we just want to import the menu we saved. Click the Portability icon:

Select the Import tab, find the file you downloaded and import it:

Finally, assign the template to the pages where you would like the menu to show. Go to settings:

Click Manage Template Assignments and choose the option you want.

To make sure that the menu will show on all pages of your website, choose the All pages option:

Don't forget to save your changes:

That's all!

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