How to fix a failed credit card payment

Troubleshooting failed credit card payments
Occasionally during checkout or during subscription renewals, you may experience difficulties processing a transaction. Listed below are some suggestions to help you resolve failed card payments.

Likely issues and how to resolve it

  • Most likely your bank wants to confirm with you that you really want this payment to go through. Call to ask them to approve the payment for Divi Den Pro - The statement descriptor on the card transaction should be "WPDEN PRO SUBSCRPTN" or "DIVI DEN PRO"
  • Do you have a banking app that asks for confirmation - like 3dsecure or some kind of SMS/text pin confirmation?
  • Is your card enabled for global payments? Sometimes you need to specifically select this option.
  • Is there a single transaction payment limit? Maybe you need to increase that limit?
  • Is there a monthly payment limit on your card? Maybe you need to increase that limit?
  • Did you enter the right address and CVV code?
  • If possible, try using a different credit card.

If none of the suggestions above help, we suggest that you call your bank or card provider and ask them to help you resolve the payment.

Please contact us if you need any further assistance.

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