How to manually update the Divi Den Pro plugin

Who is this article for

- Anyone who owns the Divi Den Pro and wants to update the plugin manually.

Skill level: Easy
Time to complete: 5+ minutes

Why do I need to update manually?

  • The Divi Den Pro update server was recently updated to improve speed, and security and to ensure a stable service for the future.
  • It requires a one-time manual update because it was not possible to automate the process.
  • We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

Which version of Divi Den Pro requires a manual update?

  • If you have Divi Den Pro version 4.6.5 or below a manual update is required.
  • Automatic updates are fully restored from version 4.6.6 and onward.

How soon do I need to update?

It depends...
  • If you are currently working on an old project or new project and you have the old version 4.6.5 installed, YES - you should update right away to get new layouts and styles.
  • If you have older sites that are unchanged and not being updated - you don't need to take action at this time unless... see next point. 
  • BUT if you update Divi or WordPress or any other plugins, then you should update Divi Den Pro at the same time. 

Before you start

Backup your website
Although this is a simple and painless process, consider creating a backup of your website prior to updating the plugin. This is not a required step, but it's always a good thing to do. Won't hurt.

Consider maintenance mode
During the upload process, the plugin may be inactive for a short period of time.

  • If you have a high traffic website, you may want to enable maintenance mode. Visitors might see un-styled pages for a few minutes (unless you have caching activated)
  • If you have very few visitors or caching is activated you can proceed without maintenance mode.

How can I update manually?

There are two methods. 
  • 1) Delete and re-install plugin via WordPress admin.
  • 2) By FTP.

Method 1 (fastest) 

Deactivate and delete the Divi Den Pro plugin. Install the new version. Input and re-activate the API licence key. Clear all caches. Done.
Before you begin please  login to your account
You will need
  • The latest version Divi Den Pro version 4.6.6 or higher downloaded from your account.

  • A copy of your API licence key (you must re-enter it)

How to do it

  • First, deactivate the Divi Den Pro plugin, and then delete it.
  • Now add a new plugin. Go to Plugins > Add new.
  • Click the Upload plugin button.

  • Select the ZIP you downloaded previously, and let it upload.
  • Make sure to activate the plugin after uploading.
  • Finally, don't forget to insert your API key. Go to Divi Den Pro > API key and insert the key.
    If you don't know what your API key is, log in to our website, and go to My Account  > API keys.

Method 2 

By FTP - Upload and overwrite Divi Den Pro plug-in files. This method does not require API re-entry. Clear all caches. Done.
Before you begin please  login to your account 
You will need
  1. The latest version Divi Den Pro version 4.6.6 or higher downloaded from your account.

How to do it

  • Unzip the plugins files to a local folder on your computer
  • Connect via FTP using your preferred FTP client
  • Navigate to the correct folder on the server/hosting account - normally /wp-content/plugins/ddpro

  • Begin uploading and overwrite all files. Confirm all files uploaded successfully.
  • Clear website caches. And you're done. 
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