What happens when my Divi Den Pro DM subscription expires?

What's the difference between Divi Den Pro and Divi Den Pro DM?

Divi Den Pro is sold on our website ( Divi Den Pro Pricing), and also on the Divi Marketplace by Elegant Themes. The Divi Marketplace version is called Divi Den Pro DM and renews yearly.

What happens when Divi Den Pro DM subscription expires?

Layouts continue to work

When your subscription for Divi Den Pro DM expires, your websites continue to work normally. All pages built using Divi Den Pro DM layouts will work as before. However, you will not be able to save new layouts from the library, or register Divi Den Pro DM on new websites.

Important: Make sure that Divi Den Pro DM plugin is up to date before your subscription expires.

Subscription must be renewed manually

There is no way to renew automatically at this point. When your subscription expires, you will receive an email from Elegant Themes, and then you can renew manually.
The email you will get looks like this:

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