6 kinds of caches to clear

Who is this article for

- Use this tutorial if you want to learn how to completely clear the cache on your website

Skill level

- Easy

Time to complete

- 10 minutes

6 kinds of caches to clear "before" reviewing any changes to content, scripts or CSS.

  1. Important: Divi Theme setup. Before you build new pages with the Divi theme, first do this.  Steps 1-4 in the screenshot below 4 Divi Theme settings you must change before building pages - Then come back and do the rest. You can download the screenshot if it is too small to view in your browser.

  2. Browser caching for desktop, tablet or mobile devices (web visitor or your own browser). How to clear your browser cache or load the page in a Private or Incognito tab.
  3. Plugin caching (a plugin like wp-rocket, fastest cache, w3Cache etc). 
  4. Server-side caching (Plesk, cPanel, Webmin etc.) - Consult hosting company knowledge base or support. 
  5. CDN caching (Cloudflare, AWS Cloudfront, Max CDN etc.) Note: this can take up to 30 min to reflect changes.
  6. Hosting provider caching (Managed hosting like WpEngine, GoDaddy and many others) - Consult hosting company knowledge base or support. 

Important note
We recommend that you keep all caching deactivated while you are developing a website. Save yourself a lot of time and effort.  After the website is ready then you can activate caching again but make sure to test all pages in an incognito browser window to make sure everything works as expected. 

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