How to backup your website

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  • What is a backup and why you should back up your site
  • How to backup
  • How to restore a backup

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Creating a copy of your website data, which includes files, folders and a database, is called a backup. Imagine you have an important folder on your desktop, and you want to save a copy in case something happens with the original. Same thing happens here. Creating regular daily or weekly backups is a great habit. 

What can go wrong? 

Lots of things can happen, and often it's not your fault. 

  • It could be a hosting issue
  • or malware or hacking
  • a failed plugin or theme update 
  • accidental file deletion... it happens

A backup allows you to restore as fast as possible and avoid extended downtime for website visitors. And avoid any unnecessary stress.

Ideally, you want to automate the process. Because it's easy to forget. Make it automatic, you won't regret it. 

How to backup your website

Most hosting companies offer automatic backups. It might be included as a paid feature. Run a backup before you make any updates to plugins, themes or WordPress.

The easiest method to backup your website

There are many free WordPress plugins that will automate the process for you. Using a plugin is by far the easiest method to run backups, and we recommend it for most people. 

Follow the instructions for the specific backup plugin you choose. 

Plugins for WordPress Backups

How to restore a backup

Follow the instructions for the specific backup plugin you choose.

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