Paragraph contact form - How to update filler paragraph text with custom css

To update the filler text you need to replace the "content:" and text in the Css below. Then copy/paste it into the Custom Css box on the website. Make sure to keep the !important;  or it will not take priority.

See screenshot below to match the text on the form with the text in the Css. This way you can identify what text will be changed. 

/*===== Paragraph Contact Form (Let's Talk) =====*/

/*Change fields text*/
.contact_form_1_M p.et_pb_contact_field[data-id=name]:before {
    content: 'Hello, my name is ' !important;
.contact_form_1_M p.et_pb_contact_field[data-id=web_site]:before {
    content: 'and I want to start a' !important;
.contact_form_1_M p.et_pb_contact_field[data-id=price]:before {
    content: 'project with' !important;
.contact_form_1_M p.et_pb_contact_field[data-id=price]:after {
    content: 'budget.' !important;
.contact_form_1_M p.et_pb_contact_field[data-id=email]:before {
    content: 'Here is my e-mail' !important;
/*Change the $ sign */
.contact_form_1_M p.et_pb_contact_field[data-id=price] span.price:before {
    content: '
!important; <br>

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