Guide for using our PSDs

Getting Started

Where can I download the PSD files
Here is the list of all our PSD's that you can download for free and make unlimited project use of them! Make sure to subscribe so you'll never miss a new freebie.

How to edit PSD files
Best place to start would be, nothing else but Adobe website itself. They have plenty of tutorials here. If you are a beginner, you would most probably like to begin with reading this article.

How to export images?
Tutorial 1: VIDEO
Tutorial 2: VIDEO

I added some photos, but they are huge
Optimizing images is really important, because one of the first things visitors notice is how fast your site has loaded. Biggest mistake people do is having images of high resolutions on their site. There's absolutely no need for images to be wider than the normal screen resolution. Check this tutorial: Resizing images.

Now when you reduced the resolution, you can optimize your image to make weight even less. Check this tutorial to see how you can optimize images in Photoshop: Optimizing images
Here's a nice free online tool that will significantly help. It can optimize images for you and that all without loosing quality: TinyPNG

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