How to manually integrate Unicorn 2.0 Bundle into a child theme (without Assistant plugin)

Who is this article for

- Anyone who wants to  manually integrate the Unicorn 2.0 Bundle into a Divi child theme without using the Assistant plugin
IMPORTANT: If you want to use the Unicorn 2.0 Assistant plugin, please see:  How to install the Unicorn 2.0 Assistant plugin

Skill level

- Advanced

Time to complete

- up to 1 hour

Before you begin

  1. Please make sure you have the latest the Divi Theme installed. You do not need a child-theme for the Unicorn 2.0 Assistant Plugin to function. 
    NOTE: If you want to make significant code modifications then please install a divi child theme as it will become easier to manage. 
  2. Do not use the Unicorn 2.0 and "Unicorn1 Bundle" together. Everything was improved in Unicorn 2.0 and it is not compatible with "Unicorn1 Bundle". 
    - Simply use Unicorn 2.0 on a new website and follow the steps below as if it is a brand new installation.  
    - IMPORTANT: If you have to migrate from Unicorn 1  to Unicorn 2, please see:   How to migrate from Unicorn (legacy version) to Unicorn 2.0

How to add the Unicorn 2.0 Bundle CSS and functions to your own Divi Child-Theme.

  1. Download the Unicorn 2.0 Bundle 'Source files' zip from /my-account/. Unzip it to your local machine. Import master .json file or separate modules .json files into the Divi Library
  2. Add the Unicorn 2.0 Bundle CSS to your site - you can add it to your child theme CSS files (recommended) or to Divi custom CSS in theme options (might be difficult to edit and updated if you add a lot of code)
  3. Add Unicorn 2.0 Bundle javascript - you can add it to your functions.php file (use code-for functions-php...txt file)
  4. Clear Divi builder cache in Divi theme settings and any caches you are using on your site
  5. Start building pages

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