How can I load a single module?

Skill level

- Easy

Time to complete

- 15 minutes

Loading single modules in Unicorn 2 is not possible unfortunately.
What you could do, however, is loading the whole page layout, or instead, you could have only a single section loaded. However, there is no way to add only a specific module to the page.

Loading a page layout and a single section is very similar, but it is slightly different.

Loading a whole page layout

When adding a page layout, there is an obvious "Load From Library" button in the builder header. See the screenshot:

Now you have to choose "Add From Library" tab:

And that's it. Below, you will see your new layouts that you can choose and load into your existing page.

Loading a single section

You would expect to find the section layouts in the same window as before, however, there is another option when you want to load a section layout.
You should again click the "Add From Library", but the small one placed under each section, as in the screenshot:

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