How to install the Unicorn Assistant plugin

Who is this article for
- Anyone who owns the Unicorn Bundle and wants to install the Assistant plugin.
- If you want to integrate manually into your own Divi child theme see related articles below. NOTE: For experienced users only. 

Skill level
- Easy

Time to complete
- 10 minutes

Video tutorial

Before you begin

  1. Please make sure you have the latest Divi Theme installed. You do not need a child-theme for the Unicorn Assistant Plugin to function. 
    NOTE: If you want to make significant code modifications then please install a divi child theme as it will become easier to manage. 
    DO NOT: Use the Unicorn 1 child theme. Use a new child theme please. Unicorn 1 child theme and Unicorn 2.0+ is not compatible. 
  2. Do not use the Unicorn Assistant Plugin and "Unicorn1 Bundle" together. Everything was improved in Unicorn 2.0+ and it is not compatible with "Unicorn1 Bundle". 
    - Simply use latest Unicorn on a new website and follow the steps below as if it is a brand new installation. 
    - IMPORTANT: If you have to migrate from Unicorn 1  to latest Unicorn version, please see:  How to migrate from Unicorn (legacy version) to Unicorn 2.0
  3. Unicorn Assistant automatically adds all CSS & Functions code. You do not need to add again any of the CSS files from "source files". The only time you will use custom CSS is if you want to change colours that cannot be changed in the module settings. For that you will copy/paste only a small bit of code needed to change something in a module. Use the master css colour changer file to find the module - and copy paste the CSS code.

How to install the Unicorn Assistant Plugin

Please note that the latest version of the Unicorn Assistant Plugin V3 requires an  API Key (not mentioned in the video below) . If you own Unicorn v2, you can still use it without the license.

Follow these steps:
  • Install the plugin - Go to "Plugins" and choose "Add new". Then "upload plugin" - Choose zip file, install and activate the "Unicorn Assistant".

  • Input API Key - Once installed, activate the plugin by clicking "Activate" button. After that, you will have to enter your API license details: API key and API email address.
    You can find API key in your Divi Den account. Log in and find the API keys page under My Account menu item.API keys for the products you have purchased are listed on this page. For the API email, type in the email address you used to purchase the plugin with.

  • Import Master Library .json - Unzip and upload master library .json file to Divi library. Problems uploading the .json file? First look for the SPLIT (unzip it) and upload smaller library files under 10mb each. Often this helps to get all library items uploaded in smaller bits. If that does not work then see this How to change the WordPress PHP upload limits
  • Load layouts & modules - Go to new page and load layout or module from the library .
  • 1. If you want to load entire page layout, click "Load From Library" link.
    2. When you want to load only a single module, click "Add from Library" link below the section.

  • Change text, colours & images - Where to change the colours? Module Settings Tabs (Content, Design and Advanced)
  • To Make custom CSS changes to colours - Open the master CSS colour changer file in a text editor. The file is included in the download zip file. Read the labels/comments in the file and find the module you want to change. Replace the relevant colour for the matching CSS rule - then copy/paste the complete CSS rule into the "Custom CSS" box on the page edit screen OR in the theme settings "custom CSS" box
  • That's it! All done.

Further helpful information

Benefits of installing the plugin

  • Library-preview Thumbnails – Work faster by knowing exactly which Unicorn 2.0 module or page layout you are loading onto the page. Thumbnail previews make it so much easier.
  • Automatic Functions.php Code – The Assistant plugin automatically adds all required functions code and CSS. No need to add it manually anymore.
  • Automatic Updates  – Get plugin updates directly to your dashboard. Get Unicorn 2.0 bundle updates as they roll out. No need to manually download and install theme files anymore.
  • Improved Custom Css Changes – 90% of style updates can be made in the module settings. For the other 10% there is one file that contains all CSS rules. Clearly commented and easy to match. Simply find the Css rule. Change the colour and copy paste it to the custom CSS box and you are set. Check the tutorial videos for each module to see what you can change.
  • Use with Divi or any Divi Child Theme – The Unicorn 2.0 Assistant Plugin integrates neatly with Divi and Any Divi Child Theme.
  • Can I use the Unicorn 2.0 Plugin and other Divi Den bundles together? – Absolutely yes!  This is exactly why we made the Unicorn 2.0 into plugin. So you don’t have to mix two child themes together. The plugin handles all of that. Just install and start building!

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