How to Install Divi Den Pro Plugin if You Already Have other Divi Den Assistant Plugins active

Who is this article for

- Anyone who owns the Divi Den Pro plugin AND other Divi Den Assistant plugins, and wants to know how to install Divi Den Pro.

Skill level: Easy
Time to complete: 10+ minutes

Before you start

  1. Please make sure you have the latest Divi Theme installed. You do not need a child theme for the Divi Den Pro to function. 
  2. Divi Den Pro adds all CSS & functions code. You do not need to add any of the CSS or JS manually.
  3. The Divi Den Pro is downloaded from API downloads sub-menu option under your account. See screenshot below:

How to install

You have 3 options for replacing Divi Den Assistant plugins with Divi Den Pro Plugin

How you proceed here depends on how much customisation you have done to the website. We have designed the Divi Den Pro Plugin to replace all other assistant plugins.

Option 1: Easiest solution
Install Divi Den Pro on a new site and don't combine it with other assistant plugins. 

When you install and activate Divi Den Pro plugin, it will automatically deactivate all other Divi Den Assistant plugins. 

That's all, you're done. To see the detailed installation tutorial, check Divi Den Pro installation tutorial.

Option 2: Safest solution

  1. Do the same as in Option 1, but do it on a test site. Make a copy of your site to a subfolder, such as "/staging".
  2. Install Divi Den Pro and test there. Make notes of all the steps you took, so that you can repeat the steps on the live website. 
  3. If all works - implement the same steps on the live website.

Option 3: Alternative solution - For experienced users
Take note that your live website can be affected while using this method. If you have a high traffic website then using option 2 will cause least disruption to your website visitors. 
  1. Begin by making a Backup of your live site - so that you can restore in case something goes wrong. 
  2. Install Divi Den Pro Plugin. Activate it with the API key. 
  3. Deactivate any assistant plugins. 
  4. Clear all caches - test your live site for layouts issues, check responsive screens too. Check any pages where Divi Layouts were used. It should be ok but its always good to test to be sure.
  5. If you find no issues - you can remove assistant plugins. You're done.
  6. Did you find any issues? - Try to re-save the page with the issues first. Test again. 
  7. If this does not work, reactivate assistant plugins again. Check the pages. It should be back to normal. If not, restore the site to what it was before you started (using the backup).
    Please contact support so we can help you resolve this. 

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