Common problems and Troubleshooting Tips

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Issues with saving layouts

This is most probably a caching issue. Here are a few things to try:

- Right click between the layouts, click This Frame and then Reload Frame. This is going to reload this frame only and the buttons should now change.

- Deactivate any caching plugins you might be using. Also, disable theme caching.

- If you use a child theme, switch to Divi theme and try again.

Once done, go to the dashboard page and hard refresh it (CTRL + F5).

Divi builder timeout issue

If you use the Visual Builder to customise pages, but it sometime freezes or display Divi Builder Timeout error, there are a few things you can try.

- Try reducing the number of plugins you have installed. This is the most common problem and reducing the plugins usually helps.

- Once again, make sure that caching is deactivated.

- Go to Divi Den Pro dashboard and select System Status tab. Ideally, status for each configuration option shown in the table should be OK. If you see any warning signs, contact your hosting support and ask them to match the recommended value from the table, for that particular config option.

See this for more solutions: Is The Divi Page Builder Not Working?

If you have any other issues with your site, contact our support.

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