What is PSD and how to use it

What is a PSD and why do I need it

Just like you don't start building a house without a house plan, you don't build a website without having design first. So, PSD is a Photoshop design file that PSD stands for at all (Photoshop Document). Using Photoshop, you can edit PSD to fit your needs. 

Imagine if you are creating a website for your client. Instead of spending hours setting Divi options and doing it all over again until the client likes it, you can simply edit the design and once given the green light from your client, use it to build the website.
From there, you can also use all the assets, easily export them from the PSD as separate layers and add them to the site.

How do I convert a PSD into a website?

We understand that you may want to somehow just export that design and instantly have a website out of it, but unfortunately, that's not possible. There is no magical button for this and it's a more complex process than people sometimes think. Editing PSD doesn't have anything to do with the actual site, it's making changes to the design file only.

Once you have PSD that you like and you are ready to use it as your site, now it's time for the developer to take over. He will turn that design into a code, and not just click some fancy "export" button and voila. Usually, he is going to spend some quiet time coding the site according to your design. How much time he is going to spend depends on design complexity.
Of course, WordPress is a great platform that speeds up the process that makes it a lot easier and is designed to turn you into your own developer, instead of paying someone else to do it. Also, the Divi theme and all our products are here for the same reason. PSD's that you can download from our website are all adjusted to the Divi theme and our products, so converting PSD into a site shouldn't be that hard.

However, to make it clear again, building a site is a process in itself, and a different thing than creating and editing PSD, so there's no such thing as instant design conversion.

Where can I download your PSD files

Here's a great list of PSD's that you can download for free: PSDs

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