How White Label Branding Works - Divi Den Pro Plugin

Who is this article for

- Anyone who owns the Divi Den Pro plugin and wants to know how the white labelling option works.

Skill level: Easy
Time to complete: 5+ minutes

The Divi Den Pro plugin lets you brand the plugin as if it is your own. That means you can build unlimited websites and your hard work is always protected. You are the only point of contact for your clients.
With White Label Branding you get the benefits of regular updates, while we do the code updates in the background

Video Tutorial

How it works


If you already have other Divi Den Assistant plugins active, please see this tutorial: How to Install Divi Den Pro Plugin if You Already Have other Divi Den Assistant Plugins active

Otherwise, follow this tutorial: Divi Den Pro installation tutorial.

White Label settings

Let's now customise the look of the plugin.

Go to the Advanced tab, and select White Label:

Update all the options here and add your own content.

Make sure to update the Customer Contact page, because this is what your clients are going to see.

Once done, you need to save the settings, by clicking the save button:

Now, you just need to activate the White Label mode and that's it:

Additional options
Also, you can have control over the plugin updates. You can disable the update notifications for your client, or you can leave it enabled. The choice is yours. You can hide the DDP icon from the dashboard menu too.

All done

Now you can deliver the website to your client and the plugin will look completely like your own. Customers can run updates by themselves. Or you can disable update notifications completely, if you want to manage updates yourself. The choice is yours.

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