Troubleshooting problems

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- If you have a problem with your website and you have no idea how to go about fixing it

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- Easy

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- 20+ minutes

Before your start

Facing website issues isn't anything surprising and it happens to everyone. However, not everyone is a web developer, and sometimes you don't know what you are supposed to do. This article won't turn to any specific website issue, but should serve you as guide how to approach any problem in general.

First things first

You won't believe how many times the cause of the issue is caching. Or, if it's not the cause, it could be making it hard for you to apply a solution. How so? Well, imagine if you find some code to add to your site that is supposed to fix the problem. You do it, reload the site, but the same error is still there. What if the code actually fixed the problem but you're seeing cached version of the site instead? To make sure this won't happen, we recommend turning off caching and clearing the cache after.

Take some time to read this:
How to clear cache:

Once you do it, proceed with further steps.

Search our Knowledge Base

We recommend you doing this first. You may think that your problem is unique, but there are great odds that someone else had exactly the same problem as you do. In worst case, you may find something similar from where you can start at least. Here's the link to our KB: Simply navigating through the categories, or using the search option, you can find the article that best suits your need.

Dig more

If you couldn't find anything in our Knowledge Base, trying something that you would try anyways - Google. Sometimes the search is like a nice summer day, sometimes it's a never ending horror story. But before convincing yourself you can't find it, give it a shot, maybe it's something that will pop up on the very first search page.

Contact our Support

If you tried and couldn't find any solution, send us a support ticket, explain your problem and we will gladly help. Have in mind that we can help you with our products, but we are not responsible about anything outside of that. However, it doesn't mean that your questions are not welcome.

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